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8 Smart Gifts for Your Bar-Trivia Teammates

Now that the holidays have rolled around, it’s time to show a little appreciation for all the wins and laughs and new info you've learned with your fellow trivia buffs — and what better way to do that than with trivia-themed gifts and stocking stuffers?

1. Foodie Fight (Trivia for Food Lovers)

Foodie Fight (Trivia for Food Lovers) | Also available at Amazon

Up to six foodie friends who can hold their own in a battle of wits and whisks will enjoy this game. Foodie Fight is trivia for anyone who loves culinary terms — the game boasts over 1,000 questions on all things cuisine, from famous chefs to food science. While it’s great as a competitive party game, it also works as a fun one-on-one while cooking at home, or for prepping for your team for the potential food-themed bar-trivia round.

Buy it here for $23 (Also available at Amazon)

2. Game Score Sheet Pad

Game Score Sheet Pad 

There’s nothing wrong with scribbling down notes and scores on the backs of business cards and napkins during a particularly speedy round, but it’s not as neat or organized for when you decide to pick up an ongoing contest again at a later date. Know a buddy in need of a solution? Pick up these 50-page Game Score Sheet Pads for both virtual or face-to-face trivia rounds. Not only are these sheets the excellent size for stocking stuffers and care packages; they are pretty perfect for tracking a winning streak.

Buy it here for $8

3. National Geographic Subscription

National Geographic Subscription | Photo by Alexander Andrews

The world is weird, wild, and wonderful — no one knows that more than a trivia genius. Foster that spirit this holiday season with a digital or print subscription to the original adventurous magazine, National Geographic. Whether your giftee uses the iconic covers for conversation starters or reads the magazine cover-to-cover to get in-depth facts for the next lightning round at the bar, they’ll appreciate having a source for new knowledge at the ready each month.

Buy it here for $9 on Kindle, $15 for a print subscription

4. Smart Ass Board Game

Smart Ass Board Game
Smart Ass Board Game 

Hate waiting for a buzzer or for everyone to write down their guesses before proving you know the answer? Smart Ass is based around the idea that it doesn’t matter whose turn it is … if you know it, just blurt it out! Groups of two to six players match wits to answer who, what, and where questions in this fast-paced game where, as Smart Ass’s box triumphantly reports, you’ve got to “think fast and talk first to win.”

Buy it here for ~$20

5. Alex Trebek’s memoir The Answer Is…

The Answer Is... | Also available at Amazon

Alex Trebek was not just a beloved television host; he was considered a close friend or even a family member to trivia buffs around the world. He’s been in our homes since 1984, prodding Jeopardy! contestants to answer in the form of a question and serving kindly (albeit sassy) arbiter of trivia. If you want to gift your resident trivia fan Alex Trebek’s memoir, The Answer Is… this holiday season, you’ll have to move quickly to get your hands on a copy — it’s already on backorder.

Buy it here for $24 | Also available at Amazon

6. Personalized Puzzles Book

Buy it here for $40
Buy it here for $40

If some of the best gifts you’ve given have been engraved, carved, or customized, keep that winning streak going by gifting the Sherlock Holmes of your bar-trivia group this personalized puzzles book. From crossword puzzles to code crackers and word searches to Sudoku, you can customize over 50 pages of head-scratchers for your friends, and even add a note, a name, and a special anniversary date, if wanted.

Buy it here for $40

7. History by Mail Subscription

History by Mail Subscription
History by Mail Subscription

Even in the digital age, there’s something special about good ol’ snail mail. Make getting the mail even more exciting for a lucky friend with a History by Mail subscription. This service carefully recreates primary historical documents from different points in history, utilizing the hard work of archivists and graphic designers to create realistic replicas. Even better, it includes additional information of the context, cultural significance, and importance of the documents with each package.

Buy it here for $37

8. Encyclopedia of Tolkien and The World of Ice and Fire

Encyclopedia of Tolkien
Encyclopedia of Tolkien

Out of all the fantasy worlds we immerse ourselves in, perhaps none have gathered as faithful a following as J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Whether you’re prepping for a round of movie or book trivia, the Encyclopedia of Tolkien is an excellent way to set straight the vast and wonderful world found in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion. Relive the battles, the creatures, and, of course, the beloved characters that populate the stories that have inspired so many generations of fantasy fans.

If your trivia pals prefer to debate Cersei versus Daenerys rather than Sauron versus Gandalf — make their winter with The World of Ice And Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones. While everyone is waiting on George R.R. Martin to put pen to paper on the penultimate book, this is the perfect opportunity to familiarize your teammates with the ins and outs of the battles, family rivalries, and overall history that makes up Game of Thrones. No one will ever tell this lucky recipient that they know nothing about Jon Snow.

Buy them here for $20 and $24

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