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10 “Reel” Amazing Gift Ideas for Film Buffs

There’s not much better than kicking back and fully immersing one’s self in another cinematic world, and we could all use that kind of escape right now. This winning collection of starry gift ideas will suit any cinephile in your life until they can get back into the theater.

1. Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector

Buy it here for ~$493
Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector

When movie theaters are off-limits, the world can be your silver screen with this incredible pocket-sized projector. Point it at a wall, sheet, building, or other surface and get immersed in the surprisingly powerful audio as you watch and stream everything from YouTube videos to full-length films. With more than 5,000 apps to choose from, you’ll never run out of celluloid to dive into again — and you could start with some holiday classics.

Buy it here for ~$493

2. Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies book

Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies book

A great movie makes you feel like you’re part of a totally different world — this clever coffee table book takes things to the next level. It’s filled with 35 maps that highlight all the key geography of some of the most beloved movies of all time — from Marty McFly’s journey Back to the Future to the fantastical world occupied by Princess Buttercup and Westley in The Princess Bride, from the Cliffs of Insanity to the Fire Swamp filled with Rodents of an Unusal Size. Filled with incredibly detailed artwork and helpful trail markers that let you track who went where, when, and why, it’ll make you appreciate your favorite movies in a whole new way.

Buy it here for $22

3. Cinephile: A Card Game

Cinephile: A Card Game

You can’t really go wrong buying a gift for movie buffs that literally says “cinephile” in the title. Despite containing only 150 cards, this set actually five unique games to play at varying degrees of difficulty. It’s an ultimate battle of the movie nerds, with challenges like naming the most movies an actor appears in (which can range in difficulty from the relative ease of naming movies someone with a long, prolific career like Helen Mirren’s or Samuel L. Jackson’s, to naming those of someone with a large foreign film resume but few American films, like Rinko Kikuchi). Simple to play but challenging to master, it’s no wonder this beautifully illustrated game has earned an impressive 4.7 average review on Amazon.

Buy it here for $18

4. Been There Done That Movielogues Scratch-Off Poster

Been There Done That Movielogues Scratch-Off Poster

Sure you could probably look up a list of the greatest movies of all time, but this nifty scratch-off poster is way more fun. Not only will you enjoy some of the most celebrated films in history, you’ll also get your chance to play critic — providing star ratings and choosing the all-time greatest movie and performances à la your personal Oscars. Speaking of the Academy Awards, expect to pick up some neat trivia along the way, like how many trophies each of these beloved films was actually nominated for, and what they eventually took home.

Buy it here for $30

5. My Cinema Lightbox

My Cinema Lightbox

Everyone loves that old-timey marquee look you used to see outside of theaters right? Well now you can bring that same style to your home with this cool DIY lightbox. Featuring 100 letters and symbols, you can craft custom messages to set the mood for your at-home theater. Highlight tonight’s featured film, leave a note for a housemate, or frankly my dear, slot in a favorite movie quote.

Buy it here for $30

6. Eat What You Watch Cookbook

Eat What You Watch Cookbook

Foodies and film fans often go hand in hand, and this cookbook is sure to surprise and delight them both. It’s filled with 40 recipes behind amazing meals you first saw on the big screen, from the ratatouille in, well, Ratatouille, to butter-poached lobster inspired by Annie Hall. We can't promise the New York pastrami on rye will be quite as memorable as the one Sally schooled Harry over, but we're sure your guests will definitely want what you're having.

Buy it here for $24

7. Colors of Motion Print

Consider this the ultimate insider’s gift for any true film fanatic. The Colors of Motion is actually a data visualization tool, where every line represents the average color of a single frame. Stacked from top to bottom, the resulting prints give you a colorful snapshot of what range of hues actually show up on screen. Browsing their gallery of images is like looking at a cacophony of color, pulling out the primary visual design of a movie in a way you’ve never seen before. Find your favorite and deck the walls with something truly unique!

Buy it here for $65

8. Film Festival in a Box

Film Festival in a Box

If missing going to film festivals, why not bring one home to you? Film Festival in a Box aims to do just that with a pack of four indie short films on a DVD delivered to your home. Beyond simply watching the films, which range in genre from comedy to zombies, Indieflix offers an engaging online environment where you can vote on your favorite films and interact with filmmakers and other film buffs. Best of all, every purchase benefits an indie filmmaker, meaning everyone wins here.

Buy it here for $18

9. The Nolan Variations

The Nolan Variations
The Nolan Variations

Director Christopher Nolan’s movies have amassed a cult following of fans trying to decode every frame of every film. The notoriously private director has finally given a glimpse behind the curtain in this book — written with his cooperation — that details how he’s crafted his oeuvre of films and what’s inspired him. From his mind-bending flicks like Inception and this year’s Tenet to his award-friendly fare like Dunkirk and his beloved The Dark Knight franchise, this incredible book is an in-depth look behind the scenes at one of the most buzzed-about directors ever.

Buy it here for $30

10. Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting for HDTV

Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting for HDTV
Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting for HDTV

Cinephiles know there’s no substitute for seeing things on the big screen — especially when you realize that objects that are supposed to be black on your screen end up looking, well, gray (a.k.a. the wrong kind of silver screen). Luckily, there is a pretty cost-effective solution. A back lighting kit like this one adapts to a range of TV sizes and features true 6500K white light to trick your eyes into thinking the blacks on your TV are as dark as they'd be in the fanciest cinema.

Buy it here for $7-$22 (Discount shown at checkout)

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