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What's the fastest way to cool a hot beverage?

It's an age old predicament. You have a beverage that's warm, but you very much wish that it was cold. You've probably tried tossing your drink in the freezer, and inevitably forgotten about it by the time it cooled down. You could always pour your drink over ice, of course, but that'll just water it down. Or, you could spend $30 on a HyperChiller, and never suffer through a too-warm beverage ever again.

HyperChiller 60 Second Beverage Cooler | $30

HyperChiller features two steel-encased water resevoirs that surround a 12 ounce cavity for your beverage. Just fill the water reservoirs with tap water, toss the whole thing into your freezer, and take it out whenever you're ready to chill a drink. You then pour a hot beverage into the empty space between the ice chambers, wait 60 seconds for the ice-chilled steel to work its magic, and pour your newly cold drink into a glass sans-dilution. You can cool multiple beverages on a single "charge," and resetting the HyperChiller when you're done is as easy as tossing it back in the freezer to re-freeze the ice reservoirs.

HyperChiller 60 Second Beverage Cooler | $30

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