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Can you pass this basic grammar quiz?

What is the name of the sentence structure that contains two or more independent clauses?
What is the name of the part of speech used to describe a verb?
Fill in the blank in the following sentence: "I saw __________ new boat after they brought it home yesterday."
What type of noun is the name of an individual?
What is the name of the part of speech used to modify nouns?
What term is used for verbs that describe a state of being or a sensory experience?
Which part of speech should not be used at the end of a sentence according to a common grammar myth?
What is the name of the type of comma used before a conjunction in a list of items? Example: “I bought apples, oranges, and grapes.”
While a piece of writing can be called an article, an article is also a part of speech. Which of the following is NOT an example of an article?
The em dash is one of the two most common types of dashes. What is the other?

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